Incorporation of the company before a Notary Public

Incorporation of the company before a Notary Public

The great day has arrived. This is the day in which your company will be born and, as with a child, you will, from now on, have to take care of it. This day will take place at the company’s delivery room, the Notary office.
The Notaries in Spain are Civil Servants whose function is to provide citizens legal certainty to their dealings. In practice the Notary is a guarantee that your transactions complies with legality and certifies the signatures of the parties involved.


Things you have to decide before going to the Notary:

  • Company address: remember you can use a business centre for this purpose. If you have a house you can also use it for this purpose. Note that changing the address of a company is quite expensive in Spain so you should be sure about the address you are going to use.
  • Number of shareholders and stake: remember that if one or more of the shareholders is a another company you will have to obtain a tax ID for the company and all the necessary certificates to prove the existence of the company in its country.
  • Who will be the director or directors of the company: remember that all directors must obtain previously the NIE (foreigner Identification number).
  • If the director will have a salary: this is important for tax and social security matters.

The Notary will ask for the NIE, your passport, the Company name certificate and the bank share capital certificate and in less than half an hour your company will exist. It is important to know that from this moment the company can start operations. However, the bank account is not active yet and you still do not have TAX id for the Company.

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