Immigration into Spain (Entrepreneurship act)

Immigration into Spain (Entrepreneurship act)

Law on Support of the Entrepreneurship and its Internationalization

Common Features and requirements.


  • The procedures are very agile: 10 days for visas and 20 days for authorizations
  • There is a single authorization for living and working in Spain
  • These authorizations are valid for the whole of Spain
  • The National Employment Situation will not be considered for the employees
  • The family (spouse and children under 18 or dependants in legal age or ascendants) and will be able to apply for their visas at the same time as the main applicant


  • Not being in an illegal situation in Spain
  • Being 18 years old or older
  • Not having criminal records
  • Having a public or private health insurance from an entity authorized to operate in Spain
  • Having enough economic resources for you and the members of your family applying for residence in Spain to cover living personal expenses. (Monthly amounts: Applicant €2151,36 (2018) Relatives €537.84 (2018) for each relative. In case of executives and highly qualified professionals, this requirement will be proved by their working contract with a company, entity or R&D program



  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Highly qualified professionals
  • Intra-corporate transferred employees
  • Scientists and researchers




Foreigners who make a significant economic investment in Spain. This investment must fulfil any of the following requirements:

  • Real Estate in Spain worth 500,000 € or more (net of charges and taxes)
  • Public debt securities: minimum 2 million €
  • Spanish companies’ shares or Spanish bank deposits: minimum 1 million €


  • Business projects in Spain considered to be of public interest. Such projects must either:
    • Create jobs in Spain
    • Have an important socio-economic impact in the geographical area in which the employment activity is to be carried out
    • Have a significant contribution to scientific and/or technological innovation

It will be necessary to have the favourable report of the General Directorate of Trade and Investments of the Spanish Economy and Competitiveness Ministry. This report must be applied for at the Spanish Economic and Trade Office.

Highly qualified professionals

Companies wanting to hire foreign employees can apply for this authorization for executives and highly qualified professionals.

Intra-corporate transferred employees

Companies or group of companies that would like to transfer to Spain one or more foreigners in the framework of a labour relationship or to develop professional training. The company may be set up in Spain or in another country.


Scientists and researchers

Private and public companies and other entities wanting to hire foreign employees developing training, research, development and innovation activities.


  • Maxonium | Dec 16,2019

    If visiting Spain for a short term of up to 90 days – a simple visa is required.

    • Eduard | Dec 16,2019

      Hi Max,
      Correct, you will need a tourist visa if you are going to stay less than 90 days
      Kind regards

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